A Heart Made Of Yarn – TS4 Werewolves outfit recolors for all

*Raises from the grave... and with CUSTOM CONTENT!*  That's right, I made some TS4 CC for the first time in ages XD Not sure if I mentioned it here, but I've been kinda falling down the dark academia aesthetic rabbit hole, lately. I was super happy when I saw this outfit in the new Werewolves... Continue Reading →

Cadence, Britney & Temptress: color update

Here's another long overdue upload 😀  As you may know, EA added a bunch of new hair colors with one of the recent Sims 4 updates, soooo... I went and updated a bunch of my retextures, starting from my 4300 followers gift over at WordPress. While I was at it, I also added proper thumbnails... Continue Reading →

Pillowfort invites

So, since it appears that Tumblr is messing things up again with censorship, have a bunch of Pillowfort invites 😀 LINK TO THE POST ON PILLOWFORT BECAUSE WORDPRESS' TEXT EDITOR SUCKS AND WON'T LET ME USE A READ MORE

The Sims 4: Paranormal

Well, hello there! Pillowfort is currently dead and has been so for the past week. No idea when it's coming back, but since I sure as hell ain't going to post on Tumblr again, decided to revive my other accounts instead 🙂 this was originally posted on DW, but since that place is kind of... Continue Reading →

A mini-continuation to this 😀 Technically speaking, there should have been a few more scenes in there and perhaps even a couple of balloons, but I couldn’t get the pictures to look the way I wanted to for the life of me, so this was the only decent shot I managed to take :’D

Got tagged by @tiallussims for the #faceyoursims challenge by @samssims! Thank you so muuuuch! *O* This was a trend on Instagram called #faceyourart but I thought it would be fun to bring it around simblr. post 9 faces of sims you have 100% created (not born in game) to spot similarities and to see your... Continue Reading →

One more picture of the guy I made a couple of days ago 😀 Alsoooo... I have 6 more Pillowfort invites for you! Check the pinned post on my blog if you’re interested! ^_^

Me: Okay, since I’m tired of not finding short alpha hairstyles for dudes that don’t make my sims look like members of a K-pop band, I’m gonna switch to Maxis Match. Finally I’ll be able to add more variety to my game instead of always making long haired dudes ‘cos I can’t find anything else... Continue Reading →

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